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This is Mz Jade's Soul Food, and this is our story...

our Story

Experience Soulful Dining- In the heart of Middletown, Ohio, there is a soulful restaurant that holds a special place in the hearts of many locals, from Cincinnati to Dayton. It is known as “Mz. Jade’s Soul Food,” a place where the aroma of southern comfort fills the air, and the soulful flavors bring people back time and time again.

Mz. Jade is the heart and soul of the restaurant. She is a woman of grace, warmth, andboundless energy. With her hair tied up in a colorful scarf and a smile that could brightenthe gloomiest day, she greets every customers as if they were long lost family. When Mz. Jade moved to Middletown a few years ago, she brought her family’s treasuredrecipes with her, along with a deep passion for sharing the taste of the South with hercommunity. She opened her restaurant in a humble, historic space, but it held the promise of something extraordinary.

Word of Mz. Jade’s cooking spread like wildfire through Middletown. People come from all corners of the city, drawn by the tantalizing scent of simmering collard greens and the promise of a hearty, soul-warming meal. There is a sense of belonging when you enterher restaurant—a feeling that you are part of a larger, loving family.

As the years pass, Mz. Jade’s Soul Food has become beloved by her community and beyond. Families celebrate precious moments, birthdays, and anniversaries there. Friends gather around tables enjoying Mz. Jade’s soulful cocktails, platters of fried catfish, and delectable desserts. Even the most stressful days seem a little brighter after
one of Mz. Jade’s Seafood Boils.

Mz. Jade’s restaurant isn’t just about the food; it is about community. She sponsors localevents, helps within her community, hosts charity dinners, and always makes sure that no one leaves her restaurant with an empty stomach or a heavy heart. She has a knack for lifting people’s spirits, even on the toughest of days.

One summer evening, Mz. Jade stood outside her restaurant gazing at the bustling street and the people who have become like family. She can’t help but feel grateful for the journey that has brought her here to this place of love and delicious food. With the continued support of her treasured patrons and God’s blessings, she has big plans for
her future.

Mz. Jade’s Soul Food is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where the soul is nourished and hearts are warmed. In Middletown, Ohio, that is a recipe for a life well lived.

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